Delyana Kantcheva is a very unique singer. I really like her voice/style. Her voice and message is like a sheet of glass. Smooth surface yet sharp edges, reflective, but transparent... like you can see things through her... but she's a presence you cannot pass through. Fragile, yet strong. That's the only way I can describe it... like glass. You can see a reflection of yourself, yet see a view beyond yourself. Just like freaking glass. Very cool. Ruben de Fuentes' guitar work is great throughout. The Ruben I recall (in concert) actually rears it's presence a time or two...especially in the background guitar jams in "Three Days". It's great stuff, truly. The "conga" sound in the percussion on tracks is very nice. Kind of a tribal pace... like walking down paths of discovery. The music has an organic feel to it, like it was grown, not manufactured. Earthy. "Firedancing Butterfly" is a great song to start the CD with. The sound has a feel of desperation... or longing. Delyana adds a nice little touch when she stutters out the word firedancing... "f-f-firedancing butterfly..."Nice. "Stories" is great too, as is "Three Days". I was surprised to see "Pleasant Street" wasn't written by Delyana and Ruben... as it sure fits into the chemistry of this CD. "Somewhere Before" is a great piece of poetry (all the lyrics are poetry), as it takes on a few meanings.